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ELSTO Drives & Controls motor programme

ELSTO has an extensive programme of motors, ranging from standard three phase motors to advanced servo motors. With ELSTO motors you are guaranteed of a high quality in combination with competitive pricing. ELSTO motors are available in a range of executions up to 900 kW. The ELSTO motor programme is complemented with motors from respected and famous brands such as AEG-Lafert, Euromotori and Bonfiglioli.

Different motors

AEG Lafert serie AMHE draaistroommotor bouwvorm B3 voet kleur zwart

Three-phase motors

  • With aluminum housing
  • With cast iron housing
AEG Lafert serie AM draaistroommotor bouwvorm B3 voet met opgebouwde rem kleur zwart

Brake motors

  • With aluminum housing
  • With cast iron housing
AEG Lafert draaistroommotor met standaard behuizing

Switchable pole motors

  • With constant torque
  • With square torque
AEG Lafert serie AMME eenfase motor met hoogaanloopkoppel bouwvorm B3 voet kleur blauw

Single phase motors

  • Without starting capacitor
  • With starting capacitor
BSR-serie | Synchrone reluctantie motoren van Bonfiglioli

Synchronous reluctance motors

  • High efficiency version
  • High power version
ng	Elprom explosieveilige drukvaste ATEX draaistroommotor AS-serie bouwvorm B3 kleur blauw

ATEX motors

  • Flameproof motors
  • Increased safety
Bonfiglioli Riduttori serie BC permanent magneet gelijkstroommotor bouwvorm B5 kleur aluminium

DC motors

  • TENV (unventilated)
  • TEFC (with cooling fan)
AC kleinmotor bouwvorm B14 kleur grijs

AC compact motors

  • TENV (unventilated)
  • TEFC (with cooling fan)
RVS motoren, Corrosiebestendige motoren

Stainless steel motors

  • TENV (unventilated)
  • TEFC (with cooling fan)
CEG zaagmotor bouwvorm B3 kleur aluminium

Low center motors

  • Single phase version
  • Three-phase version
Trommelmotor opengewerkt model

Drum motors

  • With aluminum drum
  • With stainless steel drum
AEG Lafert serie M direct drive / lift motor kleur zwart

Direct drive motors

  • With direct drive
Koolen Industry trilmotor KBC serie

Vibration motors

  • Electrically powered
  • Pneumatic
Bonfiglioli Vectron servo motor BTD serie kleur

Servo motors

  • Standard version
  • With controller or gearbox
  • Compact version
ELSTO Special Product SFC-serie IP66 modulaire motorrem

Motor brakes

  • Loose motor brakes
  • Modular brakes
Hydraulische Orbit motor EMHD serie kleur blauw

Hydraulic motors

  • Heavy duty version
  • Compact version
IAM-serie met hydraulische radiaalzuigermotoren

Hydraulic piston motors

  • With fixed displacement
  • With variable displacement
EMCE luchtmotor / lobbenmotor

Pneumatic motors

With contactless expansion space

Speciale pancake motoren van ELSTO

Special motors

  • Based on customer wishes