Worm and gear reducers

RVS reductor

Stainless steel reducers

Especially for the food processing industry and other high hygiene applications ELSTO offers a number of stainless steel motor reducers. Next to the thoughtful design and smooth finish, extra care is given to the selection of the materials used in the construction of these reducers. The result is a series of reducers that combine excellent performance with extreme durability and easy maintenance.  The reducers are suitable for use with food quality lubrication oils as often required in food processing environments.

Due to their good corrosion resistance and water tightness these reducers also found their way into the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also in the maritime sector.

RVS series

ELR series | Stainless steel straight reducers


Straight reducers

Torque: 200 – 620 Nm
Sizes: 4
Shaft size: 25 – 35 mm
Transmission ratios: 3,4 – 135

ELR series | Stainless steel helical bevel gear reducers


Helical bevel gear reducers

Torque: 200 – 820 Nm
Sizes: 4
Shaft size: 25 – 35 mm
Transmission ratios: 5,4 – 106

ELW series | Stainless steel worm gear reducers


Worm gear reducers

Torque: 40 – 200 Nm
Sizes: 3
Shaft size: 18 – 25 mm
Transmission ratios: 7,5 – 100

Available with stainless steel motors

Elsto stainless steel three-phase motors