Also helical-worm and worm-worm versions

Worm gearboxes

The Bonfiglioli Riduttori worm gearbox is a milestone for the industry worldwide. They succeeded in combining uncompromising quality with state-of-the-art technology and renown price effectiveness. Absolute flexibility is given by the wide choice of several mounting options, shaft configurations and motor interface, all offered as standard. The helical-worm and the double-worm version, with or without the torque limiter, also add up, creating a highly versatile drive system.

  • Versions:
    • VF-serie / W-serie; single worm (ratio up to 100)
    • VFR-serie / WR-serie; combined helical and worm (ratio up to 300)
    • VF-VF-serie / W-W-serie; double worms (ratio up to 10,000)
  • Input versions:
    • HS version with solid input shaft
    • P version with IEC or NEMA standardized motor flange
    • M version with integrated three-phase motor (optionally with brake)
  • Torque: up to 7,100Nm
  • Power: up to 75kW
  • Ratios: upt to 10,000
  • Mounting:
    • unversal housing (W-series
    • side flanges
    • foot (horizontal and vertical)
    • shaft mounted with torque arm
  • Options:
    • Solid shafts (single or double)
    • Torque arm
    • Torque limiter
    • Extra protection for food industry (EP version)