Low and Zero backlash reducer programme

Bonfiglioli Tecnoingranaggi planetaire servoreductor TR serie haaks kleur zwart zonder motor

Planetary servo reducers

The low and zero backlash planetary servo reducer programme from Tecnoingranaggi consists of reducers with straight or bevel output shafts that can be executed in a solid or hollow configuration, as shrink sleeve or in a special version for (toothed) belt drives. The planetary servo reducers can be supplied with a servo motor connection flange, or with a solid input shaft.

Low and Zero backlash reducer programme

500 serie, Betonmixer aandrijvingen

High performance servo reducers

TQ - In-line gearboxes
TQF - In-line gearboxes with mounting flange
TQFE - In-line gearboxes with standardized mounting flange
TQK - Right-angle gearboxes
TQFEK - Right-angle gearboxes with standardized mounting flange

Output: Full shaft

600 serie, Wielaandrijvingen

Precision servo reducers

TR - In-line and and right-angle extremely accurate gearboxes
MP - In-line and and right-angle accurate gearboxes
MPE - In-line retrofit reducers
MPEK - Right-angle retrofit reducers

Input: With servo motor mounting flange or solid shaft
Output: With solid shaft or right-angle hollow shaft with clamping bush

600 WE-R serie wielaandrijving met integrale elektromotor voor rijdende machines

Flexible use servo reducers

LC - Rechte reductoren with solid shaft
LCK - Right-angle gearboxes with solid shaft
SL - Rechte met speciale uitgang voor (getande)riemen
KR - Right-angle gearboxes with single or double solid or hollow shaft

Input: With servo motor mounting flange

700C serie, Rijdaandrijvingen

Servo reducers with a modular system

Baseline - With 1,800 execution options
Techline - With 10,000 configuration options
SDline - Fully customizable on the application