Shrink sleeves

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Clamping sleeve programme

The ELSTO cylindrical clamping sleeve programme offers an universal solution for connecting cylindrical holes and shafts to one and other. Thanks to the high quality requirements an accurate installation with a balanced force distribution is possible resulting in a vibration less running once installed. There are two major types of sleeve. One is based on two conical parts being drawn towards each other by means of series of bolts and thus reducing the internal diameter of the sleeve, the other is based on the controlled de-formation of a thin sleeve around the shaft which is to be connected. The standardised conical clamping bushes are primarily intended for use with standardized transmission components such as chain- or gearwheels or clutches and V belt pulleys. The cylindrical shrink sleeves are suitable for universal application. The ELSTO technical experts are there to help you with the selection of the right components for your specific application.