IEC single phase motors

AEG Lafert serie AMME eenfase motor met hoogaanloopkoppel bouwvorm B3 voet kleur blauw

Single phase motor program

The primary realm of the Single phase motor is the low power domestic or semi-domestic market. But also for many industrial applications a single phase motor is an ideal solution. ELSTO offers a wide range of single phase motors in B5 or B14, in 2, 4 or 6 pole. Depending on use a single or double starting capacitor is fitted. The motors are of a closed construction, and fitted with an external cooling fan. Just as with their three phase cousins, the motors can be adapted for the intended use to make sure you get the motor you need, not the motor that happens to be available.

AMM TypePower [kW]
AMM 56A0,06
AMM 56B0,09
AMM 63A0,12
AMM 63B0,18
AMM 71A0,25
AMM 71B0,37
AMM 80A0,55
AMM 80B0,75
AMM 80C1,1
AMM 90L1,5
AMME TypePower [kW]
AMME 63Z AA40,12
AMME 63Z BA40,18
AMME 71Z AA40,25
AMME 71Z BA40,29
AMME 71Z CA40,37
AMME 80Z AA40,37
AMME 80Z BA40,55
AMME 80Z CA40,75
AMME 90L AA41,1
AMME 90L BA41,5
AMME 100L AA41,8
AMME 100L BA42,2
Nominal power (4 pole version)0,06 - 2,2kW
IEC frame sizes56 - 100L
Number of poles2, 4, 6
Executions50 Hz en 60 Hz
Applicable standardsCEE 73/23 (LVD)
CEE89/336 (EMC)
Frame materialAluminium IP55
  • additional starting capacitor
  • Thermal protection