Stainless steel worm gear and gear wheel reducers

RVS reductor

Stainless steel  motor reducers

Specially for the food and beverage industry ELSTO has corrosion resistant and cleaning friendly motor reducers in her programme. Next to the well thought out design and smooth surfaces, extra care has been given to the materials used in the construction. The resultant motor reducers excel with a long service life and good maintainability.

Needless to say the stainless steel reducers are suitable for food quality lubricants as required in many places in the food and beverage industry. Thanks to their high corrosion resistance these reducers are also very suitable for chemical and process industries.

RVS series

ELR series | Stainless steel straight reducers

ELR series

Straight gearwheel reducers

Torque: 200 – 620 Nm
Sizes: 4
Shaft size: 25 – 35 mm
Gear ratios: 3,4 – 135

ELR series | Stainless steel helical bevel gear reducers

ELK series

Angled bevel gear reducer

Torque: 200 – 820 Nm
Sizes: 4
Shaft size: 25 – 35 mm
Gear ratios: 5,4 – 106

ELW series | Stainless steel worm gear reducers

ELW series

Worm gear reducer

Torque: 40 – 200 Nm
Sizes: 3
Shaft size: 18 – 25 mm
Gear ratios: 7,5 – 100

Available with stainless steel motors

Elsto stainless steel three-phase motors