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Three-phase motors

The IEC standardized aluminum and cast-iron Athree-phase motors series comply with international standardizations, including EMC and LV regulations, and are available in a power range from 0,06 to 355kW in foot and flange versions B5 or B14. All motors may be controlled by a frequency inverter and almost all products are on stock. Motor powers up to 1100kW can be delivered on request. IEC

IE classification notes:

  • According to IE-regulation (60034-30-1) must all IE1 motors (standard efficiency) in 2-, 4-, 6-pole version have a rated power lower than 0,75kW or higher than 375kW. Special purpose motors like brake motors or intermittent use (e.g. S2) are also permitted.
  • IE2 motors (high efficiency) in 2-, 4-, 6-pole version with a rated power range between 0,75kW and 375kW comply also to IE-regulations if they are controlled by a frequency inverter and are identified accordingly.
  • IE3 motors (premium efficiency) always comply to the most recent regulations effective since 01-01-2017.
  • IE4 (and inofficial IE5) motors are also available in our delivery program.

Other motors:

Besides the three-phase motors covers our delivery program the following motors;

  • Brake motors
  • Two speed motors
  • Servo motors
  • DC motors
  • ATEX motors
  • Small motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Drum motors
  • Stainless steel motors
  • Customized motors