Drives and Controls specialist

ELSTO develops, manufactures and supplies both standard and highly specialised mechanical drives and the accompanying control systems. Thanks to a generous stock position of high quality components and products short delivery times for your component or drive system are possible.

Thanks to more than fifty years of experience in the field of drives and controls we are able to solve often very “non-standard” drive challenges requested by our customers. The combination of expertise, a good stock position and the in company production facilities make ELSTO the perfect co-engineering partner, be it for prototyping or large production runs. Standard solutions where possible, customer specific where required or desired. Needless to say we have an effective aftersales presence with service and overhaul locations in the Netherlands, and traveling commissioning and service engineers to provide worldwide support for our products.

Latest news

Control cabinets for Musical 'De Tocht'

Since the first of October, the musical “de Tocht” makes the legendary Elfstedentocht come alive in the specially constructed Friso theatre in the Frisian capital Leewarden. The eleventowns skating tour is the most famous long distance skating race/tour in the world with circa 16.000 participants starting for a distance of just under 200 km.For both Frisians and Dutch alike the “tocht” is something of biblical proportions,

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