Three phase IEC motors

Overview of three phase motors

ELSTO has an extended programme of IEC standardised three phase motors. The backbone of the programme are the competitively priced ELSTO motors. The programme is completed with aluminium three phase motors form AEG-Lafert and Bonfiglioli.

Virtually all power classes are available form stock. A very long list of “standard” options is available, but if your particular option is not listed, you will find ELSTO at its best.
The inhouse engineering and ISO certified workshop facilities will create very specific custom solutions, bet it a “one off”, or series production.

HG serie, Gietijzeren draaistroommotoren

ELSTO aluminium and cast-iron
three phase motors

Aluminium ELSTO motors offer a more than perfect price/performance value in the 0,12 to 55 kW power range. The high grade ELSTO cast iron motors are available from 0,75 to 355 kW, and are the ideal solution both for standard and specialist applications. All motors are produced for ELSTO in ISO 9000 certified factories and are fully compliant with the latest regulations and requirements. The quality and performance of the well-known premium brands for an affordable private label price.

BN/ET/AM serie, Aluminium draaistroommotoren

Bonfiglioli aluminium
three phase motors

ELSTO Bonfiglioli is primarily known for its industry reference standard reducer programme. For a seamless integration with its reducer programme Bonfiglioli electric motors are available. The BX series motors are primarily intended for use in motor-reducer combinations driven by a ELSTO Vectron frequency inverter. The Bonfiglioli motors are also eminently suitable for more general applications, after all they are efficient high quality three phase motors.

AMHE-90L IE2, eentoerige draaistroommotoren

AEG-Lafert aluminium
three phase motors

AEG-Lafert is considered to be the “inventor” of the practically usable three phase motor. In particular the work of Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky ensured a leading position for AEG in the 19th and early 20th century in the field of electric motors and appliances. The current motor programme still very much follows this tradition of innovation and quality. Therefore with AEG-Lafert motors you are ensured of the most advanced performance in the 0,09 to 22 kW power range. Thanks to the excellent ELSTO stock position, most motors can be supplied direct from stock.

AMHE-90L IE2, eentoerige draaistroommotoren

AEG-Lafert aluminium IE4 permanent magnet three phase motors 

The AEG-Lafert IE4 permanent magnet three phase motors are fully compliant with the Super Premium Efficiency classes IE4 and IE5.Thanks to the advance rotor design these PM motors deliver peak performance in the 0,37 to 30 kW power range. In spite of the different construction principle, the motor dimensions are fully IEC compliant. The HPI version of the PM motors has an integrated frequency inverter, which enables local intelligent control of machines and installations the easy way.