Couplings and Clutches

Groepsfoto koppelingen

Coupling and Clutch programme

The ELSTO Coupling and Clutch programme is very extensive, and comprises of many models from a number of leading manufacturers. This extensive programme enables us to provide suitable couplings for very diverse applications

Different couplings and clutches

Wichmann cardanas kleur rood

Cardan shafts

  • With sliding axle
  • Without length compensation
  • In double flange version
Desch DIN115 starre askoppeling kleur geel

Rigid couplings

  • Clamp coupling DIN 115
  • Flange coupling DIN 116
Draaistijve lamellenkoppeling kleur blauw

Multi plate couplings

  • With shaft/spline connection
  • Compact version
  • With (taper)clamping bush 
  • With one-sided clamp coupling
Groepsfoto Desch MINI draaistijve lamellenkoppeling kleur grijs

DESCH mini couplings

  • With integrated coupling device
  • With detachable clamping shells
Metaflex balgkoppelingen van Compomac

Servo couplings

  • Standard version
  • With spacer
Crowngear tandboogkoppelingen van Compomac

Steel gear couplings

  • Standard version
  • With two shrink discs
Semi-flexibele rollenkettingkoppeling uit de CR-serie

Chain couplings

Desch ORPEX elastische pennenkoppeling kleur geel

Flexible pin couplings

  • Orpex pin couplings
  • LB pin couplings
Desch Hadeflex flexibele klauwkoppeling kleur geel

Jaw couplings

  • Hadeflex jaw couplings
  • Habix jaw couplings
Desch PEX flexibele klauwkoppeling kleur grijs

Flexible jaw couplings

  • PEX  jaw couplings
  • HRC  jaw couplings
Desch Habix flexibele klauwkoppeling kleur geel

Torsionally flexible couplings 

  • Elbix jaw couplings
  • Roltex jaw couplings
KTR hoogelastische koppeling met SEA aansluiting HE-serie grootte HE3 en HE4 rendering uitsnede

High elastic couplings

  • Elastic couplings
  • High elastic couplings
Securex C en T eenvoudige koppelbegrenzers van Compomac

Torque Limiters

  • Standard version
  • Backlash-free version
  • Mini version
  • Simplified version
Desch Planox schakelbare hoogelastische koppeling kleur grijs

Switchable couplings

  • Mechanically actuated
  • Pneumatically actuated
  • Hydraulically actuated
	Desch Conax schakelbare koppeling kleur grijs

Friction clutches

  • With conax shaft-shaft connection
  • With conax shaft-flange connection
Desch Lutex remkoppelingcombinatie LKB serie kleur grijs

Lutex brake clutches

  • Pneumatically actuated
  • Hydraulically actuated
MRF (Modular Rota-Free) modulaire koppelbegrenzer van Compomac

Modular torque limiters

  • Basic version
  • With flexible couplings
  • With multi-plate clutch
Desch Conax schakelbare koppeling kleur grijs

Switchable/brake clutches

  • Tooth clutches
  • Disc clutches
  • Brake coil/disc with clutches
  • Brake clutches
  • Switchable tooth clutches
Bonfiglioli Riduttori remkoppelingscombinatie NFF-serie bouwvorm B5/B5 flesn met bijbehorende bedieningskast kleur aluminium

Brake clutch combination