Pneumatic motors

EMCE luchtmotor / lobbenmotor

Air motors

The pneumatic motors in the ELSTO programme are developed by Stokvis Group member and winch builder EMCÉ. Not satisfied what was available on the market, a series of contactless gear motors was developed, complete with the relevant control valves. Proven in many winches operating in harsh offshore applications, reliability and performance are outstanding while yielding an excellent price quality factor.

The motors are based on the contactless gear principle in which accurately matching lobes form a continuous expansion chamber in which the compressed air or, when available process gas, is translated form pressure into motor shaft rotation. Thanks to the very accurate gear train synchronising the two motor shafts a reliable operation is guaranteed independent of motor speed or temperature.

Type specific advantages:

  • Contactless expansion chamber for a long service life
  • Only five wear items
  • Vibration free, even at high motor speeds
  • Compact construction
  • Wide speed range
  • High starting torque
  • Excellent controllability
  • Completely enclosed construction without oil sump
  • Mounting flange according to IEC standards
  • ATEX approved versions available
  • Can be combined with modular pneumatic brakes
  • Available with finely matched (brake) valves


  • 1,8 - 16 kW

Starting torque

  • 6,3 - 165 Nm