Direct-drive / lift motors

AEG Lafert serie M direct drive / lift motor kleur zwart

High torque lift motors

These dynamic high torque lift motors can be utilized in combination with a pulley with a 1:1 or 2:1 reduction ratio. During the development of these permanent magneto motors special attention has been paid to energy conservation, compact design, travel comfort and a low noise level. Compared to conventional hydraulic traction motors, these virtually vibration less motors are very energy efficient.

Thanks to their compact construction, these motors with integrated junction box can be fitted directly onto the elevator cage. 

Lift motor properties

  • Direct drive, no speed reducer required
  • 16- and 24-pole motors
  • Motor speeds up to 300 rpm
  • High efficiency across the whole speed range
  • Up to 70% energy saving compared to an hydraulic system
  • Very compact construction
  • Very low noise level
  • Very controllable highly dynamic movement
  • High travel comfort, and speed modulation by means of adjustable voltage and frequency.
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Maintenance free

Lift frequency inverter properties

  • Easy adjustable very controllable frequency inverter
  • Motor encoder feedback for good dynamic control
  • Simple parameter management directly visible on the inverter
  • Pre-programmed speed and movement profiles
  • Acceleration and  deceleration can be adjusted independently
  • Integrate brake lifter control
  • Temperature controller
  • High switching frequency resulting in a low motor noise level
  • Very accurate height adjustment