Bevel gear and angled drive gearboxes

Bevel gear and angled drive gearboxes

Bonfiglioli Riduttori helical bevel gearbox A-series version P with integrated IEC three-phase motor color aluminum

A series
Right angle bevel gear reducers

Bevel gear reducers from the Bonfiglioli A-series have a good efficiency tanks to the accurate alignment and gear quality. The A series also has a great versatility thanks to the many gear ratios and motor options. Used in general machine construction, but also found as the central drive in anchor winches.

TypeTorque [Nm]
A 05100
A 10150
A 20250
A 30410
A 35600
A 41850
A 501500
A 552000
A 602800
A 705000
A 808000
A 9014000

Torque: 100 – 14.000 Nm
Output power: 0,22 – 150 kW
Gear ratios: 5,4 – 1715

Versions A series

Output versions A series
  • Hollow shaft  with keyway, and two 2 holes
  • Clamping sleeve (without keyway)
  • Solid shaft in metric or imperial sizes
  • Separate clamping sleeve in several sizes
  • Hollow splined shaft according to DIN5480
Input versions A series
  • IEC and NEMA standardized motor flange connections
  • Solid input shaft in metric or imperial sizes

Options A series

  • ATEX execution A10 - A60
Electric motors
  • Integrated motors (compact version)
  • IEC electric motors with optional motor brake
  • Single and two speed motors
Brake execution
  • DC and AC brake supply
  • Fast brake application and release
  • Different types of rectifier available
Motor options
  • Temperature sensors (thermistor or Clixon)
  • Separate forced cooling
  • Integrated encoder

Bonfiglioli Riduttori bevel gearbox RAN-series with HS solid input and output shaft color grey

RAN series
Bevel gear reducers

The RAN-series is designed for applications where an angled drive is necessary. The series is easy to fit, and nearly requires no maintenance. Next to the 1:1 gear ratio versions, reduction gears are also available. Also versions with multiple output shafts are available just as special versions for lifting spindle systems.

TypeTorque [Nm]
RAN 11350
RAN 23000
RAN 2R3000
RAN 083
RAN 158
RAN 1815
RAN 2028
RAN 2480
RAN 2539
RAN 28150
RAN 38300
RAN 48600

Torque:  3 - 3.000 Nm
Output power: 0,15 - 91 kW
Gear ratios: 1,0 - 7,4

Versions RAN series

Output versions RAN series
  • Single or double solid shaft
  • Hollow shaft  with keyway
  • Splined execution RAN20 CAVO
Input versions RAN series
  • Solid shaft with keyway
  • IEC motor flange