Modular system solutions

Modular systems

Cleverly combined drive and control systems are the decisive factor in reliable, energy efficient and cost effective motive power for machines and installations. Thanks to the modular develop principle used at ELSTO, many earlier modules can be reused in other applications, only the application specific modules need to designed. This not only speeds up the development and design process, but also is extremely cost-effective compared to starting from scratch every time.


ELSTO offers a great variety of stationary and mobile solutions. System solutions are not only available for high power applications, but can also be tailor made for situations with a marginal power supply.

Energy cycle

One of the key ingredients  in integrated system solutions is the efficient management of the complete energy cycle. In a properly designed system, this means that the manner in which energy is generated, stored, used and recovered is seamlessly balanced.

Component selection

With system solutions it is of the upmost importance that the components used in the system are very energy efficient, both in an electric and in a mechanical sense and are combined with intelligent control components. Replacing lower IE rating motors with better ones, selecting reducers with a better design principle efficiency in combination with frequency inverter control can yield remarkable energy savings.

Regenerative systems

A good example of a system solution is a so called regenerative system. With a number of machines, the motor not only drives the load, but the load can also drive the motor. Prime example is the lowering of the load in a crane, or “motor braking” in electric or hybrid vehicles. In the automotive world this is virtually the industry standard, but in most machine building there is still a long way to go. Thanks to the Bonfiglioli-Vectron developed AEC regenerative inverters recovering electrical energy from kinetic energy is straight forward process, be it a low or a high power application. Needless to say the technology is available for both stationary and mobile applications.

Lower  “Total Cost of Ownership”

You will find ELSTO on your side in developing the perfect system solution. A well designed system solution will extend machine functionality and versatility, but also improves its energy efficiency. The net result is a lower TCO, and a reduced cost per produced item.