Special and mobile reducers

Speciale planetaire aandrijving met dubbel ingaande servomotor en gelijkstroommotor

Trasmital Mobile reducer programme

The special planetary reducers from Bonfiglioli-Trasmital are for specific applications and markets. Can't find the right solution? In consultation we also develop new constructions based on the trusted Bonfiglioli-Trasmital technique.

Customer-specific versions

For very customer-specific applications, ELSTO develops and produces specials based on the Bonfiglioli-Trasmital technique. 

Special Trasmital programme

500 serie, Betonmixer aandrijvingen

500 series transit mixer drives

  • Hydraulic transit mixers
  • Electric transit mixers
600 serie, Wielaandrijvingen

600 series hydraulic wheel drives

  • hydraulic wheel drives
  • Wheel drives with brake
  • PGW series
  • Switchable wheel drive
600 WE-R serie wielaandrijving met integrale elektromotor voor rijdende machines

600 series electric wheel drives

  • Wheeldrive with electric motor
  • Wheeldrive with BPD electric motor
  • Planetaire vehicle shafts with electric motor
700C serie, Rijdaandrijvingen

700 series hydraulic travel drives

  • Hydraulic travel drives
700CK serie, Rupsaandrijvingen

700 series track drive with hydraulic motor

  • With KAYABA hydraulic motor
  • With POCLAIN hydraulic motor
  • With Trasmital hydraulic motor
700C freestrommelaandrijving

700 series cutter drives

  • Cutter drives
700C serie, Rijdaandrijvingen

700 series slewing drives

  • Hydraulic drives
  • With KAYABA piston Motor
700TC serie, Kruiaandrijvingen voor windturbines

700 series pitch & yaw drives

  • Pitch drives
  • Yaw drives
700C Series FEM (M5-L2-T5), Winch Drives

700 series winch drives

  • Hydraulic winch drives
800 serie, Lierwerkaandrijvingen

800 series winch drives

  • Hydraulic winch drives

AGV drive package

Package drive solution for AGV (gear unit, servo motor and control)

AGV drive package

  • gear unit
  • Servo motor
  • Control

The special O&K program

Rijaandrijvingen uit de F-serie van O&K

F series travel drives

  • Hydraulic travel drives
  • Final drives 2-speed
  • With hydraulic kit motor
  • Final drive angular input
Wielaandrijvingen uit de F-serie van O&K

FR series wheel drives

  • Hydraulic wheel drives
Zwenkaandrijvingen uit de S-serie van O&K

S series slew drives

  • Hydraulic slew drives
Freesaandrijvingen uit de FA-serie van O&K

FA series cutter drives

  • Hydraulic cutter drives
  • Cutter drives 2-speed
Lierwerkaandrijvingen uit de FW-serie van O&K

FW series winch drives

  • Hydraulic winch drives
  • Electric winch drives
Planetaire aandrijvingen voor tunnelboormachines uit de FTU-serie van O&K

FTU series torque units and tunneling drives

  • Hydraulic tunneling drives
Jack-up aandrijvingen uit de JD 700T-serie van O&K

JD 700T series Jack-up drives

  • Hydraulic Jack-up drives
  • Electric Jack-up drives