Spindle lifting elements

PFAFF spindelhefelement SHE serie kleur blauw

Overview of spindle lifting elements

The spindle lifting elements programme of Pfaff Silberblau consists of four main groups, each with their own specific fields of application. The programme starts with the standard SHE and MERKUR series, followed by the HSE series for heavy duty applications while the programme is completed with the  SHG series for very high lifting speed applications.

PFAFF spindles SHE series model BA1 color blue

SHE series
Standard spindle lifting elements

TypeHefkracht [kN]
SHE 0,55
SHE 1,110
SHE 220
SHE 3.130
SHE 5.150
SHE 15.1150
SHE 20.1200
SHE 25250
SHE 35350
SHE 50500
SHE 75750
SHE 1001.000
SHE 1501.500
SHE 2002.000
Lifting force5 - 2.000kN
Drive speed1500rpm
MERKUR, Spindle lifting elements

M series
Cube-shaped spindle lifting elements

TypeHefkracht [kN]
M 02,5
M 15
M 210
M 325
M 450
M 5150
M 6250
M 7350
M 8500
Lifting force2,5 - 500kN
Drive speed1500rpm
PFAFF spindles SHG series model BA2 color blue

HSE series
Powerful spindle lifting elements

TypeHefkracht [kN]
HSE 315
HSE 3610
HSE 5025
HSE 6350
HSE 80100
HSE 100200
HSE 125350
HSE 140500
HSE 2001.000
Lifting force5 - 1.000kN
Drive speed3000rpm
PFAFF spindles SHG series model BA2 color blue

SHG series
Spindle lifting elements with high lifting speeds

TypeHefkracht [kN]
SHG 1515
SHG 2525
SHG 5050
SHG 9090
Lifting force15 - 90kN
Drive speed3000rpm
Lifting speed
Up to 19m/min
  • Self braking trapezium thread spindles
  • Ball screws
  • Oil or grease lubricated worm or bevel gear transmissions
  • Two speed transmissions (normal and slow) 
  • Case hardened and ground worm shafts on SHE and HSE series
  • Case hardened and ground gears on SHG series