Accessoires for Bonfiglioli gearboxes

Options and accessories for Bonfiglioli gearboxes

For the Bonfiglioli gearbox programme many options and accessories are available. Depending on the type of gearbox and its configuration a choice can be made from the following options:

  • Protective cover for the output shaft on the non-used side
  • Torque arm
  • Anti-Vibration-Kit
  • Separate single or double sided solid output shaft
  • Torque limiter (friction coupling) on the output shaft
  • Extra input shaft on the non-driven end (NDE)
  • Adaptor feet for interchangeability with previous series worm gearboxes
  • Solid output shaft on opposite side (VF27)
  • Extra threaded studs in the gear casing (for mounting possibilities)
  • Backstop (CW or CCW) that allows movement in one direction and prevents movement in the opposite direction
  • Reinforced output shaft for higher radial loads
  • Double oil seals on input or output shaft
  • Viton® oil seals instead of the standard seals for high temperature applications
  • Taconite labyrinth seals for environments with very fine and abrasive dust
  • Reduced backlash, for intermittent and servo applications
  • Oil filling for those gearboxes not so supplied ex-factory
  • No oil option for gearboxes that are normally supplied with oil to enable filling with customer specific lubricant
  • C3 or C4 coating instead of the standard C2 coating
  • Other RAL colour
  • Inspection certificate
  • Certificate of compliance
  • On each product page the available options are listed under the “Options” tab.

On each product page the available options are listed under the “Options” tab.

Other options

Is your option not listed?  Next to the options shown above, many more options are available. Ask our sales staff what is possible.