Transmission components

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Mechanical transmission component programme

Transmitting power can be done in many ways, belts, roller chains or open gear drives, and some of these go back a long way. Technology is never stationary, and progressive development make these veteran drive systems still an attractive option for many applications. Case in point is the Ventilated Turbo Pulley (VTP) that enable belt systems to function reliably with high speeds in combination with small pulley diameters.

Transmission programma

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Gear transmissions

  • Straight gears
  • Gear racks
  • Bevel gears
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  • Classic V-belts
  • Narrow V-belts
  • Serrated narrow V-belts
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Timing belts

  • STD timing belts
  • HTD timing belts
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Roller chains transmissions

  • With single chain
  • With double chain
  • With triple chain
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Crane chain transmissions

  • With standard links
  • With thin links
  • With very thin links
  • With calibrated chain