High performance servo reducers

Bonfiglioli Tecnoingranaggi planetaire servoreductor TR serie haaks kleur zwart zonder motor

High performance servo reducers

Tecnoingranaggi's TQ series servo reducers deliver high performance with great radial precision. Thanks to its high torque density and high torsional stiffness, the gear unit scores highly on all design points. Suitable for highly dynamic operation and resistant to very high axial and radial loads.

Thanks to the modular design, almost any mounting position is possible. Motor adapters with different shaft diameters in particular offer a lot of freedom of choice, so that almost every common motor can be mounted


TQ = In-line servo reducers
TQF = In-line servo reducers with mounting flange
TQFE = In-line servo reducers with standardized mounting flange
TQK = Right-angle reducers 
TQFEK = Right-angle reducers with standardized mounting flange 



  • Designed for cyclical and continuous use
  • Very high torque density
  • Low inertia
  • High load capacity

TQ series
In-line servo reducers

Type Torque [Nm]
TQ 60 21
TQ 70 70
TQ 90 200
TQ 130 400
TR 160 800

Torque: 21 – 800 Nm
Protection class:  IP65

Output:  Full shaft

TQ(F/K) series
In-line and right-angle servo reducers 

Type Torque [Nm]
TQ(F/K) 60
TQ(F/K) 70
TQ(F/K) 90
TQ(F/K) 130
TQ(F/K) 160

Torque: 30 - 800 Nm
Protection class:  IP65
Output:  Mounting flange or solid right-angle shaft

TQ(EF/EK) series
In-line and right-angle servo reducers

Type Torque [Nm]
TQ(FE/EK) 30
TQ(FE/EK) 65
TQ(FE/EK) 155

Torque: 30 - 155 Nm
Protection class:  IP54
Output:  Standardized mounting flange (with angled shaft)