ATEX motors

Elprom explosieveilige drukvaste ATEX draaistroommotor AS-serie bouwvorm B3 kleur blauw

Overview of ATEX motors

ELSTO supplies explosion-proof cast iron and aluminum motors with ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosives) certificate. ATEX directives apply to all places where gas or dust can cause an explosion hazard. These guidelines for the use of ATEX motors are included in ATEX 114.



Elprom explosion proof ATEX three-phase motor AS-series mounting B3 color blue

Flameproof cast iron motors

  • MAK series

MD/ME/OD/OE series ATEX cast iron motors

Flameproof aluminum motors

  • OM series

Cast iron ATEX three-phase motors from the LEN and LEX series with increased safety

Cast iron motors with increased safety

  • LEX/LEN series

ATEX aluminum motors with increased safety

Aluminum motors with increased safety

  • KJ series

ATEX explosion-proof intermediate brakes

With a VIS Exd brake it is possible to retrofit an ATEX motor with a brake.

Modular ATEX brakes mounting B5/B5 color blue

ATEX intermediate brakes

  • VR series