Industrial actuators

PFAFF compacte actuator ELA serie kleur grijs

Overview of industrial actuators

Available in trapezium threaded spindles and recirculating ball versions of industrial quality. Different motor options including electric, hydraulic and pneumatic.  IEC motor flange versions available. Executed with bronze internals and a hard chromed extension tube. 

Available in an angled version (ELA) or in parallel (CLMA).  

PFAFF compacte actuator ELA series color grey

Angled version

TypeHefkracht [kN]
ELA 10.12,5
ELA 20.14,5
ELA 30.18
ELA 40.113
PFAFF industrial actuator CLMA series color grey

Parallel version

TypeHefkracht [kN]
CLMA P 502,5
CLMA P 705
CLMA P 9010
CLMA P 12525
Lifting force2,5 - 13 kN
Lifting speed0,36 - 10,14 m/min
Standard stroke lengths100 - 1000 mm

Ball screws


Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic

  • Self braking trapezium thread spindles
  • Grease lubricated spindles
  • Worm gear with 4 gear ratios per type
  • Extensive range of accessories