Telcomec overload protection couplings and brakes

Telcomec schakelbare en overlastbeveiligingskoppeling

Overload protection couplings and brakes

Telcomec offers a varied programme of electrically, pneumatically and mechanically operated couplings and brake/coupling units. With the electrically operated units three different operating principles are available; Engaging teeth, Multi plate friction and Single plate friction with brake coil. The pneumatically operated unit is only available with the engaging teeth principle, while the hand operate unit employs the multi plate friction principle.

Depending on the type of application the most suitable operating principle can be selected.

GDF..F, Elektromagnetische tandkoppelingen


Electromagnetic tooth coupling

TypeKoppel [Nm]
GD 2020
GD 82100
GD 95200
GD 114350
GD 134600
GD 1661.400
GD 1952.000
GD 2103.000
GD 2404.000
GD 2586.000
GD 32018.000

FM, Losse elektromagnetische remspoel / schijf en koppeling


Separate electromagnetic coil single disc coupling

TypeKoppel [Nm]
FM 390,7
FM 451,1
FM 542,1
FM 654,2
FM 809
FM 10018
FM 12536
FM 15072
FM 190150
FM 230270

PNZ, Pneumatisch bediende schakelbare tandkoppelingen


Pneumatically operated tooth coupling

TypeKoppel [Nm]
PNZ Z7250
PNZ Z82100
PNZ Z95140
PNZ Z114170
PNZ Z124280
PNZ Z134400
PNZ Z152580
PNZ Z166780
PNZ Z1951.350
PNZ Z2152.150
PNZ Z2404.000


Electromagnetic multi disc coupling

TypeKoppel [Nm]
GL 706
GL 8210
GL 9520
GL 11450
GL 134100
GL 166200
GL 166E300
GL 195400
GL 210600
GL 2401.000
GL 2581.300
GL 2952.000
GL 3102.500


Manually operated brake/coupling

TypeKoppel [Nm]
M 6935
M 7850
M 8690
M 98140
M 108210
M 130280
M 150411