Radially rigid couplings

Draaistijve lamellenkoppeling kleur blauw

Radially rigid and multi plate couplings

The ADBO multi plate coupling is a recent development in the field of radially rigid couplings. Most significant feature of this type of coupling is that there is no radial backlash, but can compensate for radial, axial and angle deviations. For radial deviation compensation the coupling must have a double multi plate installation, for the other deviations a single multi plate installation is sufficient. Several double and triple sectioned versions are available to ensure a perfect match between coupling and application.


N  -  2 section shaft/key connection
S  -  3 section shaft/key connection
C  -  3 section compact version
X  -  2 or 3 section taper bush connection
Z  -  2 or 3 section clamping bush connection
 -  2 or 3 section connection with one sided clamping bush

  • Clamping bush bolts available in stainless steel
  • Conical sections with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Popular dimensions also available in Imperial sizes
TypeTorque [Nm]
C 05375
C 070170
C 088320
C 116750
C 1401.350
C 1662.400
C 1984.000
C 2386.500
C 2398.500
C 29521.000
C 34536.000
  • Radially rigid coupling without any backlash
  • Wear resistant compensation of axial, radial and angular angle
  • By using thin discs the coupling deflects with minimal force
  • Maintenance and lubrication free
  • Can be used in temperatures  from -25° to +250° C
  • Compact design for high speed use
  • Long service life without adjustments
  • 2 section versions for axial and angular deviations
  • 3 section versions also for radial deviations