Combined worm gearwheel and worm-worm gear reducers

Worm gear units

Groepsfoto Bonfiglioli Riduttori wormwielreductoren standaard uitvoering W-serie en VF-serie kleur aluminium

VF/W series
Worm gear reducers

The worm gearboxes from the VF and W series can be easily integrated in most machines and installations. Thanks to their compact design high torque, high gear ratio applications in limited spaces are possible. Due to the design principle, the higher the gear ratio, the lower the efficiency. In many applications it effectively prevents the need for a more expensive brake motor.

Type Torque [Nm]
VF 27 13
VF 30 24
VF 44 55
VF 49 88
W 63 190
W 75 320
W 86 440
W 110 830
VF 130 1.500
VF 150 2.000
VF 185 3.600
VF 210 5.000
VF 250 7.100

Torque: 13 - 7.100 Nm
Output power: (@ 1400 rpm): 0,04 – 75 kW
Gear ratios: 7 - 10.000 

	Groepsfoto Bonfiglioli Riduttori wormwielreductoren EP uitvoering W-serie en VF-serie kleur wit

VF-EP/W-EP series
Worm gear reducers with increased protection

The worm gearboxes of the VF and W series are also available with increased protection for use in aggressive environments. This EP (Enhanced Protection) version was especially developed for the food and beverage and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This high corrosion resistance version is also used in maritime and mining applications.

Type Torque [Nm]
VF 44 55
VF 49 88
W 63 190
W 75 320
W 86 440

Torque: 55 - 440 Nm


Output version
  • Hollow shaft with keyway
  • Solid shaft in metric or imperial sizes
  • Side flange for the VF series
Input versions
  • IEC standardized motor flange connections
  • Solid input shaft with keyway
Executions EP-versions
  • Foot-, Flange and  Shaft mounting


  • Torque arm
  • Mounting plate W-series
  • Detachable side flange W-series
  • ATEX execution VF30 – W110
  • Integrated torque limiter VF44L – W110L
Electric motors
  • Integrated motors (compact version)
  • IEC electric motors with optional motor brake
  • Single and two speed motors
Brake execution
  • DC and AC brake supply
  • Fast brake application and release
  • Different types of rectifier available
  • Temperature sensors (thermistor or Clixon)
  • Separate forced cooling
  • Integrated encoder
Options EP versions
  • FDA certified Epoxy primer and Epoxy topcoat
  • Pressure washer resistant seals and gaskets
  • H1 Food grade lubricant for the food and beverage industry
Accessories EP version
  • Stainless steel plug in shaft
  • Protective cover for hollow input shaft
  • Torque arm