Linear drives

Groepsfoto lineaire aandrijvingen

Linear drive programme

The linear drive product group consists of actuators, spindles (recirculating ball or trapezium thread), and is largely based on the delivery programme of the German Pfaff Silberblau Company. This well-known and respected manufacturer has been a household name for many years in this field, has an excellent track record regarding quality and durability even in critical applications. The ELSTO linear drive programme is completed with the compact actuators from Linear-Mech.


PFAFF spindelhefelement SHE serie kleur blauw

Spindle lifting elements

  • Standard version
  • Cube-shaped version
  • Powerful version
  • With high lifting speeds
PFAFF compacte actuator ELA serie kleur grijs

Industrial actuators

  • Angled version
  • Parallel version
PFAFF mechanische cilinder ALSR-serie kleur grijs/blauw

Mechanical Cylinders

  • Angled version
Baren Compacte actuator model ELI2 render

Compact actuators

  • Met kogelomloopspindel
  • Met trapeziumspindel
Alltec Phoenix hefzuil

Telescopic lifting columns

  • Hefkolom in gesloten uitvoering
D31 Fce lijn - Lineaire raam actuator

Window actuators

  • For skylights and high-placed windows
SG-serie kogelomloop actuators van Kuroda

Ball screw actuators

  • With high rigidity
  • High quality
  • In a fully covered version
  • With extra large ball diameters
F-serie kogelomloop spindels van Kuroda

Ball screws

  • With Side-deflector technology
  • With End deflector technology