Shaft mounted gearboxes

Flat shaft mounted gearboxes

Bonfiglioli Riduttori shaft mounted gearbox F-series version M with integrated three-phase motor color aluminum

F series
Shaft mounted gearboxes

The flat shaft mounted gearboxes from the F series are mounted directly on the shaft of the driven machine.
Thanks to their modular construction and low weight, the F series provides and efficient and simple manner to integrate the drive into a transport system or conveyor belt.

De F-series are reliable, quiet and compact for easy installation. Depending on the desired gear ratio, the gearbox has 2, 3 or 4 gear stages. Most executions and frame sizes can be supplied with ATEX certification.

TypeTorque [Nm]
F 10140
F 20250
F 25400
F 31600
F 411100
F 511800
F 602900
F 705000
F 808000
F 9014000

Torque: 140 - 14.000 Nm
Output power:  0,17 - 125kW
Gear ratios: 5,4 - 1715 : 1

Executions F-serie

Output versions F series
  • Hollow shaft with keyway with two bore sizes for each frame size
  • Clamping sleeve (without keyway) in several diameters
  • Solid mounting shaft
Input versions F series
  • IEC standardized motor flange connections
  • Solid input shaft with keyway
Options F-serie
  • ATEX version for F10 – F60
Bonfiglioli Riduttori shaft mounted gearbox TA-series version HS with solid input shaft color grey

TA series
Shaft mounted gearboxes

The robust shaft mounted gearboxes of the TA series are mounted on the shaft of the driven machine, and secured against rotation with a reaction arm. In this mounting style there is no mounting surface or coupling required, which not only makes installation straightforward and compact, but also prevents alignment errors.

Ideal for quarrying and mining applications thanks to the low maintenance requirements, high reliability and compactness. The optionally available backstop device can prevent unwanted rotation in one direction.

TypeTorque [Nm]
TA 30150
TA 35400
TA 40900
TA 451350
TA 502100
TA 603500
TA 704900
TA 806600
TA 10010500
TA 12516000

Torque:  150 - 16.000 Nm
Output power: 1,1 - 156kW
Gear ratios: 5,0 - 31,5 : 1

Executions TA-serie

Output versions TA-series
  • Hollow shaft with keyway
  • Up to 3 different bore sizes per frame size
Input versions TA-series

Solid input shaft with keyway

Options TA-series

For all frame sizes a externally fitted backstop device is available


Electric motors

  • Integrated motors (compact version)
  • IEC electric motors with optional motor brake
  • Single and two speed motors
Motor options
  • Temperature sensors (thermistor or Clixon)
  • Separate forced cooling
  • Integrated encoder
Brake execution
  • DC and AC brake supply
  • Fast brake application and release
  • Different types of rectifier available