Single stage axial and co-axial gearboxes

Axial and co-axial gearboxes

Bonfiglioli Riduttori single stage gearbox S-series version M with integrated three-phase motor with brake color aluminum

S series
Axial gearboxes

Simple, powerful and specifically designed to drive pumps, that is the S series. For this reason this drive is often found in cooling and drying plants, and in many other places where moving fluids is required. Executed with either foot or flange mounting and fully compliant with UNEL standardization.

Type Torque [Nm]
S 10 21
S 20 37
S 30 70
S 40 125
S 50 200

Torque:  21 - 200 Nm
Output power:  0,12 - 11,6 kW
Gear ratios:  1,4 - 13,1 : 1

Bonfiglioli Riduttori helical gearboxes C-series version M with integrated three-phase motor with brake color aluminum

C series
Coaxial gearboxes

High torque density combined with an extensive choice of variations and gear ratios make the compact and highly reliable C series the bench mark in co-axial gearboxes. This and the excellent versatility make the C series the favourite choice of designers and cost engineers alike.

Type Torque [Nm]
C 05 45
C 11 100
C 21 200
C 31 300
C 35 450
C 41 600
C 51 1000
C 61 1600
C 70 2300
C 80 4000
C 90 7200
C 100 12000

Torque:  45 - 12.000 Nm
Output power:  0,08 - 231 kW
Gear ratios: 2,6 - 1481 : 1

EVOX CP-serie coaxiale motorreductor met geïntegreerde E-motor

EVOX CP series
Coaxial motor reducer

De EVOX CP-series is a co-axial gearbox with an integrated electric motor with a high torque density. This motor reducer can be fitted to almost any machine, and is fully interchangeable thanks to its MKT standard compliance. All mounting positions are possible thanks to the adjustable junction box and the unique oil level system. Efficient low noise gears ensure low oil temperatures and a quiet operation. A wide range of versions and options ensures that the EVOX CP series can be adapted to almost any requirement. Thanks to its compact design, integration the EVOX CP series in tight spaces is very often possible.

Type Torque [Nm]
CP07 55
CP17 100
CP27 150
CP37 200
CP47 335
CP57 500
CP67 650

Torque:  55 – 650 Nm
Output power:  1,8 – 13,5 kW
Gear ratios:  2,7 – 187 : 1

AS-series multiple stages

AS series
Coaxial gearboxes

The AS-series is the successful predecessor of the C series. Thanks to its compact design and modular construction the gearboxes of the AS series are still in current production. Over the years this co-axial gearbox series has proven to an absolute bestseller for quarrying and mining applications. Its legendary reliability and low maintenance needs being a key factor in the success.

Type Torque [Nm]
AS 16 45
AS 20 90
AS 25 180
AS 30 320
AS 35 480

Torque:  45 - 480 Nm


  • ATEX execution C11 - C61
Electric motors
  • Integrated motors (compact version)
  • IEC electric motors with optional motor brake
  • Single and two speed motors
Brake execution
  • DC and AC brake supply
  • Fast brake application and release
  • Different types of rectifier available
Motor options
  • Temperature sensors (thermistor or Clixon)
  • Separate forced cooling
  • Integrated encoder


Input execution
  • IEC and NEMA standardized motor flange connections
  • Solid input shaft in metric or imperial sizes
Output execution
  • Foot- and flange mounting
  • Solid output shaft in metric or imperial sizes