Hydraulic motors

Hydraulische Orbit motor EMHD serie kleur blauw

Overview of hydraulic motors

The "Heavy Duty" hydraulic motors from the EMHD series have a high efficiency, but more compact Orbit motors from the EMX series are also popular. Both series have a high power density and can withstand challenging environments. Especially in (agricultural) construction machines, hydraulic motors in hydraulic systems come into their own thanks to these properties.

Due to the wide variety of factory adapter flanges, it is almost always possible to mount an Orbit motor on a Bonfiglioli gearbox. A special output is available for various models, including direct mounting of a wheel.

Hydraulische Orbit motor EMX series color blue

EMX series
Compact Orbit hydraulic motors

The wide variety of versions is characteristic of the hydraulic Orbit motors of the EMX series. A wide range of stroke volumes is available and the design is extremely compact.

Slagvolume 8 – 630 cc
Output 1,7 – 53,5 kW
Torgue 11 – 188 Nm
Speeds 95 – 1950 rpm
Hydraulische Orbit motor EMHD series color blue

EMHD series
"Heavy Duty" Orbit hydraulic motors

The EMHD series 'Heavy Duty' hydro motors have a high power density and can withstand challenging environments. The maximum displacement is up to 800 cc.

Displacement 160 – 800 cc
Output 11 – 67 kW
Torgue 460 – 259 Nm
Speeds 170 – 636 rpm

Outgoing schafts

  • Cylindrical shaft with keyway
  • Tapered shaft with keyway
  • Spline shaft


  • Hydraulic motor flanges
  • Wheel mounting
  • Associated gearboxes
  • Side or rear connection ports
  • Metric or BSPP connection
  • Associated brake (for EHMD series)
  • Double shaft (for EHMD series)