Brake couplings

Bonfiglioli Riduttori remkoppelingscombinatie NFF-serie bouwvorm B5/B5 flesn met bijbehorende bedieningskast kleur aluminium

Brake coupling combinations

The Bonfiglioli NFF series consists of compact brake/coupling units that can be easily mounted between motor and reducer. The NFF units are of a closed construction, and are IP 54 as standard. The units are maintenance free while any wear of the friction material is automatically compensated ensuring a constant airgap for reliable operation.

input speed8 – 75 Nm
absorbed energy per brake cycle3.000 rpm
absorbed energy per hour260 – 360 kJ/u
absorbed energy between maintenance intervals280 – 1220 MJ
Mounting position 

Both horizontal and vertical installations are permitted

Execution input and output

At both sides hollow and solid shafts available

Mounting interface
  • Foot mounted
  • IEC IM B5 flange
  • IEC IM B14a flange
TypeTorque [Nm]
NFF 078
NFF 0915
NFF 1130
NFF 1475