DC and AC brake motors

Overview of brake motors

The IEC standardised three phase AEG-Lafert brake motors can be  supplied with either a AC or a DC supplied brake. DC brakes are supplied through a separate rectifier.

Aluminium brake motors can be supplied up to 22 kW in a IEC 160 frame, cast iron motors reach up to 90 kW in a IEC 280 frame.

	AEG Lafert serie AM draaistroommotor bouwvorm B3 voet met opgebouwde rem kleur zwart

Aluminium brake motors

De IEC standardised aluminium AEG-Lafert three phase brake motors are very accurate and are very suitable for high dynamics applications. Both AMAC and AMK series are executed with a double brake surface, and an adjustable brake torque. The AMAC series are AC operated, the AMK series use a DC supply with a corresponding rectifier.

The AMS series is a DC brake with a low brake torque and a single braking surface. Primary application for these brakes is the use as parking brake.

Wisselstroom en gelijkstroom gevoede remmotoren met gietijzeren behuizing

Cast iron brake motors

For many decades  ELSTO has been using AC and DC supplied add on brake units on aluminium and cast iron motors. Only recently the AC and DC brakes are also available in a special high IP grade cast iron housing, exclusively on cast iron ELSTO motors.

This cast iron brake housing can also be fitted with the special E brake unit. In the E type brake unit two coils are used. One larger one to open the brake, and a smaller one to keep the brake open. Advantages are a lower current draw and the resultant lower coil and brake temperatures.

Aluminium frame brake motors

AMAC - AC brake

AMK - DC brake   

AMS - DC parking brake

Cast iron frame brake motors

DHAC - AC brake

DHK - DC brake   

DHE - E type brake with double coils