Mechanical control cables and handles

RCS mechanische bedieningskabels RVS

Push and pull cables

Push and pull cables by RCS are highly reliable and versatile, and therefore often used in cars, trucks and boats. These qualities are equally attractive to the industrial market and the RCS push-pull cables are used in many industrial control and movement applications. Next to the cables themselves an extensive range of handles, grips and accessories is available.

Pulling forceUp to 4500 N
Pushing forceUp to 3150 N
Ambient temperatures-50°C up to 100°C (momentary exposure up to 170°C)
  • Extremely flexible
  • Universal terminals
  • Material stainless steel
  • Frost resistant
  • Any length available.
Sleeve: Plastic lining with a woven backing sleeve covered in durable exterior plastic shield.
Cable:Inner cable with wound polished stainless steel covering with PTFE coating.
Lubrication:Life time lubrication with special low resistance lubricant.
Terminals:Zinc coated steel or Stainless steel fitted with seals against ingress of dirt and moisture.